5 03 2010

We don’t have the furniture or layout of this room down but I wanted to share our crispy crisp lines with you all.

The lighting in this room is horrible but I think you can see what we’re doing here with the dark gray, mustard & white at the top.  I think it looks amazing and I love the vibe of the room.

We made our crisp lines by first painting the mustard, drawing lines where the white and the gray would meet the mustard using a giant level (tough in spots where the wall was bulbous), putting painters tape on the line and painting mustard over the tape to seal up potential leaks, and then painting gray and white.  Although a long-ish process with all the drying in between, I think it was much easier than I thought painting these color blocks would be.

On to furniture and organization!




2 responses

11 03 2010
Miss Hammar

I love the new paint! Can’t wait to see it in person and hopefully it will match the casserole we’re making! xoxox

12 03 2010
Laura Pierce

crispy crisp, eh? it’s that tape leaking bit that i’m curious about… so you painted the mustard twice… once for the wall and once for the tape. it does look great! what fabulous technique you have, my dear…

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