Feeling crafty

3 03 2010

The hubby and I finished up the painting in the second room but the stuff in the room has no real organization (due to our serious lack of storage furniture) so I have yet to take a photo for you all.  It is inspiring though, to have the room in close to usable shape.  We even got to lay out the large braided rug my grandmother made me a few years ago that had yet to find a perfect spot in our “new” place.

I’m inspired to make things:

Hydrangea like pom poms like the ones Dolci Odille has here (found on Curious Bird’s blog).

Resin necklaces using this fab tutorial Jennifer Perkins made for Threadbanger.

There’s hemming to be done, buttons to replace, and a jacket that needs re-lining (anyone have tips for doing that?)

I have some prizes to make for our upcoming casserole party that I can’t share with you yet.

And with some delicious wool my grandmother gave me that was already cut out in pieces for a long jacket I plan to make a dress.  We’ll see how that goes.

Happy March!




3 responses

3 03 2010

I would LOVE to do the resin jewelry with you.

4 03 2010


15 03 2010
Jennifer Perkins

You can do it ladies I believe in you! Whoo-hoo.

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