Falling easily into old patterns

10 03 2010

Good ones!  A few years ago we belonged to a veggie CSA with Eatwell Farm.  It was wonderful – we tried new foods (turnips! now a fav), it kept us eating things in season, we ate farm fresh eggs, and we experimented with new recipes.  But after a few years we were itching to pick out our own produce.  To choose a recipe and go buy the ingredients.  And we stopped participating.  We still shopped at the Eatwell stand at the farmers’ market and we still ate a lot of foods primarily in season.

Fast forward 4 years and we now belong to a meat CSA with Marin Sun Farms (love them), and I wanted to revisit a veggie box.  It can be inspirational to have a bunch of random veggies you may or may not have cooked before, or ones you may not even think you like, and to make something up that turns out brilliantly.  Like this fritatta-ish thing:

Made with a leek, mixed baby kale and collard greens, and eggs all from today’s veggie box as well as some mushrooms and fontina hanging out in the fridge.  Yum!

One of my favorite things about Eatwell is that they are so connected to their CSA members.  They have a blog, regular get togethers at the farm, and every week there is a newsletter with weekly news of the farm, what’s growing, recipes, upcoming harvests, a list of what was in the box that week and where it came from (they have a few participating neighbor farms that supply the CSA from time to time).  The old pattern I have happily fallen back into is the weekly unpacking, washing, and storing of the produce.  The newsletter even tells you how to wash and store items and when to be sure to enjoy them by.  Who knew you should put salt in the soaking water when cleaning your spinach and only have to wash it once?



Fear of the First Cut

7 03 2010

When you have a favorite piece of fabric, especially if it’s one you picked up out of town and can’t find anywhere to replace, it’s so hard to decide what to make.  My current fav is a soft gray with small bright orange flowers and little puffs.

We’ve been talking about further reducing our waste – recycling, compost, worm bin already in full swing – and so I decided that this lovely cotton print would find its life as an everyday cloth napkin.  What a great motivator to remember to pull them out instead of a paper towel!


5 03 2010

We don’t have the furniture or layout of this room down but I wanted to share our crispy crisp lines with you all.

The lighting in this room is horrible but I think you can see what we’re doing here with the dark gray, mustard & white at the top.  I think it looks amazing and I love the vibe of the room.

We made our crisp lines by first painting the mustard, drawing lines where the white and the gray would meet the mustard using a giant level (tough in spots where the wall was bulbous), putting painters tape on the line and painting mustard over the tape to seal up potential leaks, and then painting gray and white.  Although a long-ish process with all the drying in between, I think it was much easier than I thought painting these color blocks would be.

On to furniture and organization!


3 03 2010

The hubby and I made a delicious dinner – polenta, kale with shallots & lemon, and chicken cutlets in a garlicky tomato sauce.  We were too hungry for pics before dinner but here are my leftovers:

One other delicious meal caught on film, although sadly on my iPhone and so blurry in the foreground (boo!):

Scrambled eggs on hash browns with cheese, sour cream and green onion.

Feeling crafty

3 03 2010

The hubby and I finished up the painting in the second room but the stuff in the room has no real organization (due to our serious lack of storage furniture) so I have yet to take a photo for you all.  It is inspiring though, to have the room in close to usable shape.  We even got to lay out the large braided rug my grandmother made me a few years ago that had yet to find a perfect spot in our “new” place.

I’m inspired to make things:

Hydrangea like pom poms like the ones Dolci Odille has here (found on Curious Bird’s blog).

Resin necklaces using this fab tutorial Jennifer Perkins made for Threadbanger.

There’s hemming to be done, buttons to replace, and a jacket that needs re-lining (anyone have tips for doing that?)

I have some prizes to make for our upcoming casserole party that I can’t share with you yet.

And with some delicious wool my grandmother gave me that was already cut out in pieces for a long jacket I plan to make a dress.  We’ll see how that goes.

Happy March!