Mom’s a famous hooker!

22 06 2009

Congrats Mom!  For winning this year’s Rug Hooking Magazine Reader’s Choice Award and getting your rug on the cover!!



My Namesake

19 06 2009


My grandmother is an amazing person and I am lucky enough to not only have her in my life but to be named after her as well.  She is 91 this year and has been writing her memoirs; I very much look forward to reading about her adventures in life: being a child of missionaries, jazz, traveling back and forth across the country starting businesses and raising a family with my Grandfather, being the parent of teenagers in the 60’s, and all the stories she tells of being alive for the greater part of the last century.

One of the things I find wonderful about my Grandmother is the way her house reflects her personality.  She is a fiber artist, although she’d prefer to be called a colorist, making hooked and braided rugs in amazing variety and color combination, and they are everywhere.  She has collected the work of a lot of her artist friends, which are also all over the house.  And my Grandfather built much of the furniture in the house during his retired years.

My Mom, Grandmother, and I have started getting together for a crafting day once a month and I took a number of photos yesterday trying to capture the feeling of Grandma’s house…it doesn’t come across as much as I’d like, but here are some shots I’d like to share:

(That is a small portion of my Grandmother’s bangle collection up at the top.)

The currently in progress braided rugs on her indoor front porch.


Some of her work, my Mother’s photographs, friends’ pottery, a dresser and a number of dove-tailed boxes made by my Grandfather, and an intricate, Asian-style, carved chest.

IMG_2015 IMG_2011

The library, all shelving made by my Grandfather, filled with rugs for sale.


The house is filled with art and hand-crafted furniture, most of it made by family and friends.  It’s always been where we gather as a family.  And as a home crafter, both in the kitchen and in the sewing room, it has always inspired me to create a home just like it: full of friends and family and amazing things that the people we love make to help warm our lives.

My Mom’s a Hooker

6 06 2009

Grandma too.

They hook rugs. 🙂

My Mom travels to rug hooking events all over the country and since it can take months to complete a rug from design to edging, she is hesitant to mail her rugs to the shows, conferences, and classes she attends.  So I made her a carrying case for her rugs that complies with the standard airline size requirements for carry-ons.


It’s a simple design: a tube with a draw string closure that is squared off at the bottom, all of it lined in silk so that her rugs can slide easily into the bag.


6 06 2009

And here’s the final product!

Gorgeous, no?