Making an entry…way

20 12 2008

We have a weird entry way into our apartment – actually, the layout of the whole place is weird, but we love it anyway – and have been thinking about wallpapering the 3 small walls that sort of disconnect this space from the living and kitchen areas.  Wallpaper seems really weird and old fashioned but we’re running with the feeling anyway.

Color-wise, we’re thinking a dark red to go with/contrast with a white kitchen and the soft gray we have in the living room.  I think that I also want to put floor-to-ceiling shelves along the wall of the front door as a sort of library area for our books, and also to help act as a sound buffer from all the loud mouths talking on their cell phones in our building lobby (jerks).

But in looking around, I have discovered a veeeerrry dangerous site, Apartment Therapy, which I’m sure I’ve found before, but it’s bookmarked now; there’s no forgetting this time.

They had an online shopping guide for wallpaper, and now I’m in love with these 2 prints:


From Cavern.


And from Flavor Paper.

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with mustard colored things right now…




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