New hobby

23 11 2008

When we bought our 1st home a year ago, J and I were very lucky in that we scored a back yard.  In the city.  In our favorite sunny neighborhood in San Francisco.  And so, after years of absolutely no outside space of our own, we have a yard almost as big as our indoor living space.  I’m learning to garden!

We’ve been clearing out pavement stones and bark, pulling weeds, removing unhappy trees, and other necessities for a year.  We also put in grass in one area for the dog and her friends to play and sunbathe on (which is not doing so hot right now but I have faith it will rejuvenate with the rainy season).

Yesterday, I raked and mowed the lawn, spread new grass seeds, pulled up the remaining sod remnants that had been rooting in the area that our vegetable garden will go, planted a lemon tree and a ton of tulip bulbs, and weeded the rock and succulent garden that our fabulous upstairs neighbors put in for us:


Gorgeous right?

Some of these succulents are from their balcony and some were actually left by the previous owners.  Or perhaps by the previous, previous owners, since the guys that lived here before us had let the entire yard be overtaken by ivy.

Here’s my lemon tree:


I hope it likes its new home; I will soon be flanked by two 4×4 veggie planters.

One of our other new additions has yet to find a permanent placement.  My mother, who has been an avid gardener as long as I can remember, accidentally crossed a rose when I was a little girl and she named it after me and my grandmother – it is called the Emma rose.  Very fragrant, this small beauty has a light, peachy pink color, and a loose petal formation.


It doesn’t actually glow like that. 🙂 But the lighting hasn’t been great with the foggy weather.

Thanks Mom!




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