A skirt I can wear out of the house!

23 11 2008

I did it!!  Using this free pattern from Stitch magazine, and the zipper tutorial from Kate McFaul as seen on Threadbanger, I have actually made myself a skirt that I will proudly wear out of the house.


Ok, so honestly? I hardly followed the pattern at all.  I used the pattern pieces for the front, and 2 back pieces and that’s pretty much the only thing I did according to the pattern.  I should have measured the pieces before cutting because it’s small…but if I allow it to be a high-waisted skirt (not that anyone will ever see with the sweater I plan on wearing it with), it’s great.  To finish it, I applied gray bias tape to the outside (crazy!) very near the top, and I did 2 stitches at the bottom hem; 1- 2 inches up and 1 right at the hem line.  I think I may do a decorative hand stitch from the Alabama Stitch Book between the 2…

img_1360 img_1358

I’m so glad this worked out.  I found the fabric and the Fabric Outlet down the street and love it’s soft texture.  And the dark teal color is wonderful.




4 responses

24 11 2008

This is adorable! I’m loving that fabric.

25 11 2008

I’m finding that I am liking teal more and more. I think I am finally over the teal invasion from the 80’s because it is sneaking more and more into my life. I love how you used gray bias tape on the outside. Very, very sweet.

25 11 2008

Super cute. I’m sew, sew scared to make my own clothes… I tried to make a shirt sometime ago. Total failure. But you’re making me think I want to try again. I saw your post about the underwear. he he. I’m still giggling about it.
Right. The buttons. I started collecting buttons by buying them in bulk at Michael’s and JoAnn’s Fabrics. Those were fun to sort, and they’re fairly inexpensive. Then, I started looking around at thrift stores, and antique stores. Those are a little pricier, but the buttons are definitely one-of-a-kind. I also steal buttons from unassuming family members (occasionally, I’ll ask). Some of the coolest buttons are the extra ones that come from new coats or blouses.
Anywho, I tend to be long-winded! Thank you for coming by my blog, and leaving me a comment. I LOVE VISITORS!

7 02 2009
Kate McFaul

Hey! I’m glad my zipper tutorial helped out. =) Zippers don’t have to be scary!

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