21 11 2008

Ugh.  What a week so far.  But I just got my exam score and I got 100%.  Yay!!

On to more interesting things.  I have been growing my own onion sprouts for a few months now.  The whole thing started when a friend mentioned how fantastic the onion sprouts were from the Sprout Man at the farmer’s Market.  I love sprouts!  I had to meet this Sprout Man.  The friend was right – the sprouts were delicious – but at $3-5 a bag I couldn’t justify it.  So I decided to sprout my own; I’d heard it was quite simple but had never done it.  And there were no onion sprouting seeds at the local co-op so I ordered some online and have just not stopped.  Here is the newest thing I have made room for on my counter:


The hubby is such a converted fan that I’ve started keeping two offset batches going at once for continual sprouty goodness.

Favorite uses are in sandwiches – goat cheese, strawberry & onion sprouts on sourdough; cream cheese, apple & onion sprouts on wheat; swiss, dijon & onion sprouts on an onion focaccia (I’m sensing a theme).

To grow, put a layer of sprout seeds in the bottom of a wide mouth jar with a sprout seed attachment or use a piece of screen cut to fit and a lid ring to secure.  Add plenty of water, swish around, and let soak for a few hours.  Drain: I invert mine over pyrex ramekins. Twice a day, fill the jar partially with water, swish around to moisten all seeds, and drain immediately.  Usually ready to eat in a week.

I keep mine on the counter in partial sun but I’ve been told that if you keep them in the cupboard until a day or two before you are going to eat them, they will be less pungent and produce less chlorophyll.  But they’re onion sprouts, so I say, be pungent!




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21 11 2008
koala brains

I’ll have to try this. I know they are good for you and I can always eat more veggies. These would be great to add to a salad for some zip.

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