I need to follow a pattern

21 11 2008

I am on my third not so successful refashion (hubby’s shirt, undies): a skirt.  I was hoping to take an old favorite pairs of jeans and the bottom of the legs of another pair and turn them into a skirt.  But I was thinking I didn’t want to do the old standby of unstitching the inner leg seam and connecting in the middle, in part because I’d cut out the crotch to patch the crotch of the other, currently existing as shorts, jeans. (Why can’t they make pants that can sustain normal, run of the mill, thigh rubbing?)

To start, I cut off the top of the jeans and measured across the raw edge.  I divided that number by 8 and added an inch to each for seam allowance and cut out skirt panels an inch wider at the bottom than at the top. These are all very blurry so I’m making them small:

img_1117 img_1124 img_1121

I sewed the panels all together and then sewed them to the top of the pants.  Horrible:


So then I ripped off the top, tor apart the panels, sewed 7 of them together and sewed a section of old t-shirt on top as a waist band, and left it unfinished on the bottom because I’m never leaving the house in this:


And now you’ve seen my booty.




2 responses

21 11 2008

That is hilarious! LOL “and now you’ve seen my booty.”

Alot of my sewing is this way, I just kinda make it up as I go. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

15 12 2008

Hey! nice booty! Umm…i mean, nice skirt!

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