Another productive weekend

11 11 2008

I think that this whole blog thing is really helping me to do the things I put on my own to-do list but never get to.  Example – I have had the little plastic caps that go on the screws holding the toilet to the ground for months but got the project done this weekend.  I also taped around the edge of my painting in electrical tape so that is has the same black surround the rest of our mounted art has.

And I made beans.  Here is just a pic of the aromatics:


I softened them all in some bacon fat I had in the fridge, added my soaked beans, a quart of chicken stock, and simmered until the beans were tender and delicious, adding a palm-full of salt and some cracked pepper at the end.  Mmmmm….




2 responses

11 11 2008

Hehe, sorry I had to laugh. Here via WR. I say give them to a smaller person, like maybe a 1st grader LOL πŸ™‚ I’ve seen the tap pants on angry chicken and hers are adorable. You’ll get it next time, keep trying.

11 11 2008
koala brains

I just read a blog w/ a link w/ an undie pattern. See if it helps: It looks like fun, I may give it a shot one day. It’s kind of cool that you can make your own and customize them. I hate wedge (well, who doesn’t) so perhaps making your own could get around this issue(hee hee). πŸ˜‰

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