A (humorously) failed project

11 11 2008

Hilarity.  I tried to make underwear.  Angry Chicken has been making tap pants and knickers for a couple weeks now and I had some very soft cotton leftovers from my skirt project that I thought might make perfect boy short undies.  In the end, the fabric wasn’t anywhere near as stretchy as the undies I used as my template and so the 1st try is a bust.  But I believe that I can turn this puppy around with a little experimentation and start cranking out undies like nobodies business.  And I can dream about that serger…

Here’s my process:

Cut undies on the side seams, lay on tissue paper, cut out pattern shape with seam allowances where necessary.  Cut out additional crotch area. (Yes, I said crotch.)


Using patter, cut out jersey fabric; piece together and zigzag stitch (this may be another area where I’m getting things wrong).


I then sewed up the sides overlapping the front of the undies onto the back, and then stitched around the leg and body holes.


They were cute but too tiny to get above my knees.  I hopped around a little trying to make it work but no dice.  Anyone have any thoughts?




2 responses

11 11 2008

you can totally make undies. it is frightfully easy. selecting the right fabric does take a bit of practice. as you learned, the fabric needs to have enough stretch….to go over your knees and be comfortable. 🙂

find a pair of existing undies that fit well. measure five inches across on the stretch, without stretching. now stretch it as far as it will reasonably go. measure that. any fabric you chose to sew for undies needs to be able to stretch that much. after a while, you can touch a fabric and know if it will work.

i have many pairs of undies that match tops. the leftover pieces are often just the right size for a pair or two of undies. for smaller pieces, i make children’s undies to donate to a women’s shelter. when a battered woman flees with her children, they often don’t have time to grab undies. having clean, new undies helps restore a tiny bit of dignity.


11 11 2008
koala brains

Oops, I just realized I posted the undies comment under the prior food post. 🙂

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