Why I love rainy weather…

3 11 2008

This was a fantastically productive weekend.  And my little OCD self really feels happiest when productive.  I prepped for, had, and cleaned up a Halloween get together, went to city hall for my election precinct inspector training, made a garlic-y soup with the kabocha squash I got at the farmer’s market to experiment with, and had a Sunday filled with sewing projects.

I just joined Wardrobe Refashion and funnily enough, my first refashion was actually for the hubby…unfortunately it did not turn out well.  Don’t you just hate that?  The shirt was purchased years ago at a thrift store with the intention to bring it down in size for him but when I went to tackle that, after making him try it on and pinning and all the other good stuff, I discovered that the material was not at all willing to be sewn by this mere mortal.  The most frustrating bit being when I attempted to finish an end of a single layer to avoid fraying with a zigzag stitch, the fabric bunched up in the stitch.  Ugh!  Anyway, I persevered, but it still turned out horrible.  Ah well.  At least I re-hemmed his new favorite pants.

In addition to my t-shirt skirt, I washed a bunch of fabric, some slated for a skirt, and others for baby presents, and felted a pile of sweaters that I plan to make into mittens and hats and things for Christmas.  Aren’t they great fall colors?

One of the things I rediscovered in sorting through all my fabric were a few boxes my grandmother gave me a while back:

Including a large piece of that old-school orange and mustard floral.  I wonder what I should make?




2 responses

5 11 2008

Emma- We’ll go bra shopping together if you can show me how to turn the heel of my husband’s Christmas stocking. Your blog is great and is making me think I should start one too. Cupcakes and grandmother’s fabric. We are meant to be friends. Sign me up!

5 11 2008

Can I just say how much I love felted sweaters. Even if I just look at them they make me happy. I just felted a bunch myself and have similar plans to you.

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