Cupcake soldiers

31 10 2008

I’ve stayed up way too late for my early morning making cupcakes for a baby shower at work tomorrow and J’s work Halloween shindig.  The frosting, and I’m not a frosting girl, is faaaaantastic!  Salted Caramel, and I’ll be honest about it, it is almost all butter. One set of cupcakes is brownie batter but the other is a recipe I found on Chow for vanilla bean cupcakes.  I am not normally one to sway from the delectableness of chocolate, but there are two of us baking for the shower and the other wonderful volunteer opted to do the chocolate option.  These cupcakes are very nice, although the baking time seemed a bit long and the mini’s I made are a bit…al dente.  But in a nutty, macaroon kind of way so they’ll still make the journey to work in the morning.   I’ll probably swap out some of the butter for canola oil next time and add try some vanilla sugar.

Here they are all ready to go:

They’re not quite as orange and the picture would lead you to believe.  Sitting on their cupcake carrier tray, they look ready to march to me.

Good night.




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