Funny lists we keep for ourselves

30 10 2008

I’m not the kind of person that it’s hard to shop for.  Food, cook books, booze, something you made, or nothing at all, and I’m tickled pink.  For some reason, a few months ago, I started keeping a list of things that I want…I didn’t tell anyone about it because it really is just a list for me of items I choose not to buy for myself yet, at least in our current financial state, but may at some time.  What a weirdo, right?  Today, I  move the list here and consolidate; I swear this isn’t some ploy to get people to buy these things for me.

  • book about soup
  • 9 cup Cuisinart my lovely hubby bought this for me as an anniversary present
  • dremel (cordless?)
  • Rancho Gordo’s Heirloom Beans book
  • everything gray
  • set of different sized bamboo knitting needles
  • Jamie at Home
  • multi-use hand power tool
  • a serger
  • adjustable dress form (Singer df-150g?)
  • a-line skirts
  • fall/winter dresses
  • Bend the Rules Sewing
  • worm composter: this one
  • cello
  • loveseat or new couch
  • Le Crueset stock pot

What kind of funny lists do you find yourself keeping?




2 responses

1 11 2008

I make lists just like this! A Le Creuset stock pot has been on some of mine too (haven’t gotten one yet). An immersion blender also makes frequent appearences. I’ve already bought myself a few good soup books, Deborah Madison’s vegetarian one is really good.


2 11 2008

I’ll have to check out Madison’s book; I have her Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and basically learned to cook out of it back when it first came out. Haven’t picked it up in years – I wonder why?

And that Le Creuset pot has been on my dream list for YEARS! Some day. 🙂

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