Beginning the list

24 10 2008

I’ve always been a list person.  My dad says I have lists of lists.  I tell him I get it from him.

Today’s list will be a list of the projects I have planned for the next few months before the holidays.  I continually tell myself that I’ll make time to do these things but I just don’t hold myself accountable.  Written goals!


  • sew curtains for the living room
  • finish painting the entry way
  • buy enough flatware for Thanksgiving
  • put caps on the toilet screws
  • swap out the shower curtain and rod
  • re-organize craft and sewing crap


  • candied orange peel
  • salted caramels
  • spiced nuts
  • infused vodka – cranberry, lemon…maybe orange cardamom?
  • bitters
  • fruit cake? Chow recipes look tasty


  • felt old sweaters and make into mittens and hats and things
  • make the hubby a new bag
  • make myself a new bag
  • sew a skirt (or 3)
  • knit a cowel scarf type thingy
  • modify random t-shirts into something more fun/flattering
  • tailor hubby’s plaid shirt and black pants

More than enough to get me started.  Maybe I’ll go do some of these things right now…




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