Cupcake soldiers

31 10 2008

I’ve stayed up way too late for my early morning making cupcakes for a baby shower at work tomorrow and J’s work Halloween shindig.  The frosting, and I’m not a frosting girl, is faaaaantastic!  Salted Caramel, and I’ll be honest about it, it is almost all butter. One set of cupcakes is brownie batter but the other is a recipe I found on Chow for vanilla bean cupcakes.  I am not normally one to sway from the delectableness of chocolate, but there are two of us baking for the shower and the other wonderful volunteer opted to do the chocolate option.  These cupcakes are very nice, although the baking time seemed a bit long and the mini’s I made are a bit…al dente.  But in a nutty, macaroon kind of way so they’ll still make the journey to work in the morning.   I’ll probably swap out some of the butter for canola oil next time and add try some vanilla sugar.

Here they are all ready to go:

They’re not quite as orange and the picture would lead you to believe.  Sitting on their cupcake carrier tray, they look ready to march to me.

Good night.


Funny lists we keep for ourselves

30 10 2008

I’m not the kind of person that it’s hard to shop for.  Food, cook books, booze, something you made, or nothing at all, and I’m tickled pink.  For some reason, a few months ago, I started keeping a list of things that I want…I didn’t tell anyone about it because it really is just a list for me of items I choose not to buy for myself yet, at least in our current financial state, but may at some time.  What a weirdo, right?  Today, I  move the list here and consolidate; I swear this isn’t some ploy to get people to buy these things for me.

  • book about soup
  • 9 cup Cuisinart my lovely hubby bought this for me as an anniversary present
  • dremel (cordless?)
  • Rancho Gordo’s Heirloom Beans book
  • everything gray
  • set of different sized bamboo knitting needles
  • Jamie at Home
  • multi-use hand power tool
  • a serger
  • adjustable dress form (Singer df-150g?)
  • a-line skirts
  • fall/winter dresses
  • Bend the Rules Sewing
  • worm composter: this one
  • cello
  • loveseat or new couch
  • Le Crueset stock pot

What kind of funny lists do you find yourself keeping?

Apple season!

27 10 2008

I love apples.  The crisp juicy tart ones, especially.

My parents came down for dinner on Saturday and brought with them a box of apples from the tree in their yard – Golden Delicious.  J and I decided pie would be the application of choice.  I know, I know; I’m supposed to use Granny Smiths or some crab type apple.  But I just don’t really like the mouth-feel of a Golden Delicious on its own…and what could be un-delicious about pie?

Not exactly Martha perfect, but it certainly was tasty with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Maybe even better than pie are the fabulous little crackers made from the leftover crust.  I like mine with pepper and salt.

Beginning the list

24 10 2008

I’ve always been a list person.  My dad says I have lists of lists.  I tell him I get it from him.

Today’s list will be a list of the projects I have planned for the next few months before the holidays.  I continually tell myself that I’ll make time to do these things but I just don’t hold myself accountable.  Written goals!


  • sew curtains for the living room
  • finish painting the entry way
  • buy enough flatware for Thanksgiving
  • put caps on the toilet screws
  • swap out the shower curtain and rod
  • re-organize craft and sewing crap


  • candied orange peel
  • salted caramels
  • spiced nuts
  • infused vodka – cranberry, lemon…maybe orange cardamom?
  • bitters
  • fruit cake? Chow recipes look tasty


  • felt old sweaters and make into mittens and hats and things
  • make the hubby a new bag
  • make myself a new bag
  • sew a skirt (or 3)
  • knit a cowel scarf type thingy
  • modify random t-shirts into something more fun/flattering
  • tailor hubby’s plaid shirt and black pants

More than enough to get me started.  Maybe I’ll go do some of these things right now…

Here goes…

23 10 2008

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a little while, inspired by the food loving folks and crafters and DIYers I’ve been following for years, and am making the plunge after seeing mrsehorn’s Craft To Do List.  Fantastic!

I aim to catalog my sewing/crafting projects, talk about food, and maybe pontificate randomly about life…